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icon09/23/2017 - Half Year Registration

icon09/01/2017 - Gymnastics & Tumbling Classes Available!

Gymnastics classes available!  Please contact us for additional information.

~ Preschool ~

~ Recreational ~

~ Competitive Teams ~

icon03/27/2016 - 2017-2018 Rockstar Tryout Packets Available

Allstar Cheer Information

2017-2018 Rockstar Cheer Tryout Packets are now available!!!  Please send an email to  Thank you for your interest in Rockstar Atlanta South!


All fees are non-refundable. Please make all checks payable to: A-Towne Athletics

Tryout fee is $75 anytime after May 12th.

AGES 5yrs & above - All ages used will be as of August 31, 2017.


Level 1- Cartwheel, Round off, Front & Back or Walkover or does not have the Level 2 tumbling requirements.

Level 2- Has a Standing Back-Handspring and Round-off Back-Handsprings or does not have the Level 3 tumbling requirements.

Level 3- Has Toe Touch 3 Back-Handsprings and Round-off Back-Handspring Back Tuck or does not have the Level 4 tumbling requirements.

Level 4- Has a Standing Back Tuck and Standing 2 Back-Handsprings to Layout and a Toe Touch Backhandspring back tuck and a Specialty running pass or does not have the Level 5 tumbling requirements.

Level 5- Has a Quad Toe-Touch Back Tuck on the floor and Standing 2 Back-Handsprings to a full.             

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